Blue Sky Healing with Healing Gong 


  6:00PM – 7:15PM

 1/22/2019 thru 2/12/2019

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Chi Lei is a gentle, standing meditation practice accompanied with guided visualization – this profoundly effective meditation practice is a perfect practice for those who have difficulty bringing the mind to a silent meditation or are uncomfortable being seated on the floor.   It has the added benefit of strengthening and healing the body.


Many people in the West seek out Chi Lei, (also referred to as “Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down Method”), as an alternative to medical health care because of its proven effectiveness at improving physical, emotional and mental well being, and increasing vitality.

I found Chi Lei in 2010 at a 10 day retreat.  I loved how it was free of dogma and really gave me a palpable experience of “energy”.  I also appreciated the feeling of strength and calm that I felt after the Chi Lei – it was the same feeling I would get from a yoga class or an hour meditation session, without any complicated yoga postures or the strain of an hour seated meditation practice.  The movements were strengthening yet simple to follow, gentle, accessible and within just a few days of repeating the class, I had the movements memorized and could continue on my own when I returned home.

Lift  Chi Up, Pour Chi Down begins with connecting you to your body, breath, and mind, exactly as it is, in this moment.  Then, as arms reach up the mind travels up … following the guided visualization you enter into the vastness of infinite space

Travelling “down” through the feet and into the earth and beyond the earth … to the blue sky on the other side of the earth. 

The movements are gentle, yet incredibly strengthening.  Feet stay together as arms reach out to the sides, or up overhead, or folding down to the feet – and then unfolding back up to vertical – and yet, you never leave the spot where you stand.  The feet remain together in one place, centered, balanced.

“Chi Lei works with the totality of the living universe to tap into the formless energy resources beyond the 4% of the form energy (physical) and brings the newly discovered energy back to the physical world to enhance and transform the physical. In doing so, healing and awakening of the consciousness can be accelerated and realized fully.

The living universe is made of energy: 96% is formless and invisible while 4% is physical matter, dark matter and energy. 

Nothing is lost in the universe: E = mc2.
Everything is changing every moment:  thermodynamics.

There are two directions of causes, horizontal and vertical, behind every effect. One is the science of the physical (Newtonian physics) and the other is consciousness as energy (quantum physics).

Chi Lei cosmology is aligned with ancient Taoist and Buddhist philosophy that is validated and rediscovered by todays latest science.

In contrast to the Western medical perspective on
healing, which is: Can my body heal itself? (the body as a machine) the Chi Lie perspective is: Can my mind and body heal together? And yes it can!”