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What is a Tarot Reading? 

Tarot is an ancient system of divination using cards. Divination means from the Divine on the assumption that prophesy is a sacred process throughout the universe.

The Tarot comprises seventy-eight Tarot cards. Of these, fifty-six cards are known, as the Lesser Arcana twenty-two are the Great Arcana or greater mysteries.

These cards enable us to see the past influences that are affecting our present circumstance and thereby can determine a possible outcome.

Each Tarot card is carefully designed to carry many layers of meaning illustrated in a pictorial, symbolic language. The various colors for example used in each card, and the number of the card, along with many other symbols contained in the cards such as astrological signs, landscapes and so on, lead the interpreter or reader to uncover the meaning of the card.

We realize that certain cards correspond exactly to our inner state, and at the same time also to our state in relation to the world. In this way, through examining the cards we come to understand our reactions, our destiny, with respect to the question or circumstance that we are dealing with at the time of the reading and therefore we come to understand ourselves.

Our fate lies within ourselves. Fate is the sum of the reactions to our actions. If we know which cards are representative of our inner state, then we will also be able to deduce from the cards what it was that made us act in a particular way. We will know too why we must bear the consequence of our deeds as fate and if we are not perfectly content and satisfied with our lives and only rarely can we say that of ourselves, the cards will also enable us to discover what can help us out of our present situation and difficulties to change the future outcome.

Of course the inner states are an inherent part of us even when we do not pick up the cards. But once we are able to examine the cards that we choose and are laid out in front of us to clearly see, they enable us to gain clear insight into our life and aid us in solving our problems more easily and speedily. They are like a spiritual mirror in which we can not only recognize ourselves, but also thoroughly examine and study ourselves. These cards help us to awaken our unconscious to conscious so that we acquire self-knowledge a thorough understanding of ourselves.

What can I expect from my first Tarot Reading?

We have a designated area set up in the privacy of our home spa studio, using a round table and two chairs for you to be comfortably seated at for your reading with Nita-Rose.

A timer and recording device to record your reading to CD will be set out on the table.

Nita-Rose will ask you to be very quiet while you take this time to consider and reflect on the reason for or the question you have requested a reading for. Whether it is simply an overview of your circumstances that you would like clarification on, or if you would like to know if there is something you should be aware of at the time of the reading, or if there is something troubling you that you would like to understand more deeply, something you would like to gain insight into or advice on, whatever it is that has brought you to the reading.

While you are calling to mind your reason for the reading, Nita-Rose will carefully and thoroughly shuffle all the cards and then hand them to you to cut into three piles. This will be repeated three times. The cards will then be placed on the table and fanned out in front of you face down (with the illustrated side turned down).

You will then be asked to take your time as you select each card carefully from the fanned out deck. The number of cards that Nita-Rose will need will be determined at the time of your reading.

Having made your selection, Nita-Rose will place the chosen cards face down in a specific layout, describing each position and its significance.

As the reading begins the cards will be turned up to reveal the illustration and an interpretation of the meaning of the card and its relation to your circumstance or question will be offered.

How do I best prepare for a Tarot Reading?

The best way to prepare for receiving a reading is to be clear of your reasons or questions that you have requested a reading for. Is there something specific you would like to know? Are you are unclear in a certain area in your life and would like some clarification on?

Would you like an overview of what to look out for or what to expect. For example, you may ask from a reading: What do I most need to be aware of at this time?

Do you have a very specific question you would like to find an answer to?

Would you like a general overview of each month for the next 12 months?

The more clearly you can articulate what you are looking for in a reading, the more clearly you will be able to hear and receive the advice and answers offered by a reading.

You do not need to give Nita-Rose your reason for receiving a Tarot Reading.

And if you would like for Nita-Rose to have your question or reasons to work with as she reads the cards that is fine also.

The Tarot Reading offers insight and guidance as you make decisions and move through the events of your life. It can shed light on influences in the past that are effecting the present situation or point out warnings to avoid possible pitfalls.

Knowing what may lie ahead through understanding what influences have been affecting you and where you stand in the present moment, is the wise council offered in the wisdom of the Tarot.

30 Minute Tarot Reading with Nita-Rose is $40.00  I  60 Minute Tarot Reading with Nita-Rose is $60.00.  

All Readings include a CD of your reading to take home with you. Request an appointment here.